John Bevere

The Awe of God - Releases February 21, 2023

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The Astounding Way a Healthy Fear of God Transforms Your Life

Do you long for an intimate relationship with your Creator, but He seems elusive? Perhaps it is because something utterly essential is missing—holy fear. Don't let this frighten you. Fearing God is very different than being afraid of God. It's the key to everything.

The fear of the Lord is not a topic you'll hear much about these days. But if you want to build a faith that stands strong through troubled times, you cannot afford to ignore this book.

In The Awe of God, John Bevere invites you to take a fresh look at what it means to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. This healthy, holy, and largely forgotten virtue is the uncommon path to a more fulfilled and fruitful life. In this book you will see why godly fear is the foundation of:

  • Wisdom, understanding, and knowledge
  • Foresight, clarity, and divine direction
  • Maturity and conformity to the image of Jesus Christ
  • Building an eternal legacy
  • Confidence, fearlessness, and security
  • Freedom from the fear of man as all lesser fears are eclipsed

If you look at the men and women in Scripture, the ones who lived and finish well all have one thing in common: they are marked by holy fear.

The Awe of God was designed to be read slowly and intentionally. At the end of each of the 42 chapters are five tools to help you deepen your understanding and apply what the Spirit of God is teaching you. Experience the intimate relationship with God that you have always longed for by unlocking this countercultural message.

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