John Bevere

Honor's Reward Course

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No Christian wants to place limitations on God, but many of us unknowingly restrict His activity in our lives because we ignore a critical spiritual principle.


It's a concept largely lost in our culture, but honor is core to releasing God's kingdom into all aspects of life.

In this course, bestselling author John Bevere unveils how embracing God’s call to honor aligns you with His value system and positions you to receive all He has for you.

Pairing profound biblical insights with powerful stories of these principles in action, this course will give you a fresh outlook on this forgotten virtue—and more importantly, a passion to incorporate it into every area of your life.

Individual course includes:

  • 12 video lessons
  • Course guide
  • Audio lessons
  • Community engagement

Group version also includes:

  • Group usage up to 50 people
  • Leader's guide
  • Lesson transcripts