John Bevere

Everyday Courage

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It takes courage to live out your faith boldly, especially in the face of hostility or suffering. What gave Joshua and Caleb the courage to follow God's commands despite fear? What gave Esther the courage to risk her life and trust God's plan for His people? What gave the disciples the courage to live out their faith, even to the point of being martyred? They leaned into a greater fear, one that conquers all others—the fear of the Lord.

The fear of the Lord gives believers the power to live with uncompromising faith—a powerful reality we see played out in the pages of the Bible as well as in our lives today. In Everyday Courage, respected Bible teacher, speaker, and bestselling author John Bevere reminds us through Scripture, devotions, and examples from the fathers and mothers of the faith that we, too can live with courage because the fear of the Lord swallows up every other fear in our lives.

Each entry offers:

  • A Bible passage to help you discover how to fear God—and why the fear of the Lord is your ultimate source of strength
  • A thoughtful reflection on the day's Scripture
  • Stories of biblical figures and other heroes of the faith who lived courageously
  • A powerful prayer to seek courage every day

As you rediscover the power of holy fear in your life, you will step bravely into courageous living and bolder faith—every single day.


Note: The Everyday Courage devotional can be read in conjunction with The Awe of God or on its own. While it will certainly remind you of some of the most-pivotal truths John covers in The Awe of God, it will also inspire you with many powerful stories of the heroes of our faith and accounts of what bold faith looks like in action.