John Bevere

Drawing Near Download

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It may be the most amazing promise in the Bible… God yearns to know you intimately

In Drawing Near, John Bevere urges you not to settle for the dry shadow of Christianity that knows about God without knowing God. The incredible invitation from the Creator of the universe is not just to worship Him from afar with words and rituals, but to enter a relationship so meaningful and intimate that you know His heart, and He knows yours.

Often we feel God is distant, but Bevere says the cause is not God, but ourselves. Our focus on possessions, entertainment, and feel-good worship forms barriers to Him. But when we open our lives to Him in humility and obedience, He fills us with His Holy Spirit and reveals Himself to us. Prayer transforms from a dry, one-way monologue to a loving dialogue between companions-each sharing the deepest secrets of the heart. In restoring this intimate relationship with God, you will form a loving union with Him that fills your life with joy and passion.

8 mp3 audio sessions. Run time: 7.3 hours

Note: This download is not part of the Drawing Near curriculum.