Lisa Bevere

Dangerous & Fully Awake Download

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Author: Lisa Bevere

The lioness is dangerous when she is fully awake.

What about us? What would happen if we were dangerous and fully awake? Then and only then would we pose any threat to the darkness that holds so many around us captive.

As Romans 13:12 says, we must wake up, rise up, remember who we are, and confront the evil in this world with light. When you are awake to what God is doing, then you will know what you are to do. The time for lingering is over.

Far too many of us are discouraged, sedated, or sadly unaware of what’s really going on in the world. Could this be because for far too long we have heard a tranquilizing, escapist gospel that motivates very few to save the lost?

We are not our own; we are God’s. We’re a holy people set apart for Him and His purposes. We are not some group of straggling, struggling, fatherless refugees who are overcome by sin and wondering if there is a God. We are the collective body of Christ, and as such we are destined for triumph, victory, and signs and wonders.

We are truly frightening to our enemy. He has done everything in his power to contain us. But God did not reveal Himself as limitless in order to limit us. Quite the contrary. He wants to put His heart within us.

How will you respond when you are fully, dangerously awake?

Run time: 41 minutes