Driven by Eternity: 40-Day Devotional

John Bevere

Driven by Eternity: 40-Day Devotional

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Author: John Bevere

Make Your Life Count Today and Forever

We were created with eternity in our hearts and we sense the immanent unknown extension of our existence. What does our Creator have to say about eternity?

This devotional is inspired by Driven by Eternity: Making Your Life Count Today and Forever by bestselling author John Bevere. In it he shares compelling principles on how to live with hope and assurance that will carry us through to eternity.

Often we give little thought to what will happen beyond the end of today. All believers will stand before Christ and receive what they have earned in life. Many of us will be shocked to learn that the majority of our time was spent on things that don t count toward eternal rewards.

How can you be ready for the day when you stand before Christ? This devotional will inspire and instruct you on how to maintain an eternal perspective. Learn to keep in sight the reward Christ has for those who follow him with all of their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Hardcover. 175 pages.

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