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For Teens & Young Adults

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For Teens & Young Adults

The perfect gift to get your children, or your children’s, children!

Author: Addison Bevere, Arden Bevere, Sons & Daughters

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  • Saints book
  • I AM book
  • 2  I AM vinyl pins




If you are struggling to find your place and calling in this copy-and-paste world, you are not alone. There is a higher way of being, a way that stretches beyond watered-down religion and powerless sentiments. Our world is waiting for the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters, and it’s time that we step into that reality.

The I AM book is a symphony of Scripture, story, and struggle, written by the Sons & Daughters collective for sons and daughters. Through its pages you will discover how to step into the fullness and adventure that God has waiting for you, believing and living the truth that:

- you are creative
- you are holy
- you are righteous
- you are secure
- you are called
- you are confident
- you are loved

You are a son or daughter of God—and your future starts now.


I AM Pins

Description: Soft Enamel Pins, .75" 

Be a Sons and Daughters ambassador everywhere you go! You can pin these on your golf bags, makeup bags, back packs, jackets and more. You can help us represent Sons and Daughters with these soft enamel pins designed by!


Saints: Becoming More Than "Christians"

The Bible uses the word Christian to describe followers of Jesus a grand total of three times. But there's another identifier that fills the pages of the New Testament--a word we've mistakenly reserved for the halo-wearing elite, losing something profound in the process.


Wrapped in this ancient word is a divine invitation to discover who God created you to be and awaken to the life you were meant to know. Using Scripture and stories from his own experience, Addison Bevere makes a compelling case that the life you desire is found in the mystery of this sacred identity.

If you want to exchange lifeless religion for the wonder of following Jesus, this book will spur you onward in your journey.



Many of us have been labeled by others at some point in our lives—lazy, broken, entitled, lost—but the most damaging labels are the ones we use on ourselves. Words are powerful. Even when they aren't true, they can begin to shape our perceptions of ourselves and the decisions we make. Yet the only words that really matter to this generation—the largest and most diverse yet—are the ones with which God originally designated us. What does He call our generation? Sons and Daughters.

We are called to change the world and make an impact for the kingdom, but we can't do that if we allow ourselves to believe the limiting labels we hear every day. Instead, Arden Bevere calls you to... 

  • know what it means to be a Son or Daughter of God
  • see how God uses the seemingly negative things in our lives for good
  • take control of our thoughts and words and replace them with God's thoughts and words
  • find freedom from addiction, fear, doubts, regrets, and more

Your life is not an accident, a disappointment, or an inconvenience to God. It's time to redefine, embrace, and walk in your true identity as His beloved child who will do great things in His name. Let Arden Bevere, a positive voice in this generation, show you the way.