John & Lisa Bevere

The Story of Marriage Course

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The first four years of our marriage were really tough. With both of us being very strong-willed, outspoken Italians from very different family backgrounds, we’d often let our pride and emotions get the best of us. Fights became the norm. Rather than forming a unified team, we seemed hopelessly locked in an eternal power struggle. We knew God had much more for us, but we felt powerless to change course. Perhaps you know the feeling?

In the years since then, God brought us through a process of transformation that not only saved our marriage, but made it everything we ever hoped it would be. We are living proof that marriage works when you do it God’s way—but first you have to learn what that looks like. We created The Story of Marriage Course to give you a biblically based blueprint to building a thriving marriage.

Our heart in doing this together as husband and wife was to offer both of our experiences to you so you can learn from each of our journeys. We share vulnerably about our story, providing you the framework to avoid our pitfalls and build on our successes. Whether you are just starting out or years into the marriage journey, it’s never too late to start building something beautiful. A passionate and fulfilling marriage is possible. The Story of Marriage will help you get there. Register today!