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The 5-Day Leader Course

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Far too many people have a wrong view of what true leadership is.

Many in our culture view leadership as holding a significant title or position of authority—but leadership is not about being over others—true leadership is all about influence. 

While influence can happen in big moments, it is grounded in the little behaviors you do repeatedly over time. It all comes down to your habits. 

In this 5-Day Leader course, taught by leadership experts Lyle Wells and Meredith King, you’ll discover the three keys to becoming a healthy and successful leader—relentless growth, ridiculous routines, and resilient relationships. 

The lessons in this course won’t stop at theory. They will unpack the specific behaviors and mindsets you can adopt to improve in each of these areas so you can more effectively grow God’s Kingdom. 

If you are ready to throw some of your misconceptions about leadership out the window and step into a life of incredible influence, let’s dive in. 

Individual course includes:

  • 13 video lessons
  • Course guide
  • Audio lessons
  • Community engagement

Group version also includes:

  • Group usage