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Foundations Course

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Have you ever wondered why some people keep growing in their faith, yet others seem to stay stuck or even go backwards? 

It all comes down to foundations. 

The better the foundation, the higher the building. But if the foundation is lacking, the building will inevitably fail. It's only a matter of time. 

Most of us know this feeling of defeat. Personally. 

God wants so much more for us than that. 

That's why in His Word, He's laid out the exact building blocks we need to develop an unshakeable faith. 

In Foundations, you'll learn what these are and how to build your life on them so you can weather whatever storms life throws at you. 

Whether you are just starting or you need to go back and fix some cracks, it's time to expedite your spiritual growth by building the right way. In this course, we'll do it together.