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Girls with Swords Book

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Author: Lisa Bevere

Girls with Swords- How to Carry Your Cross Like a Hero (paperback book)

What if you discovered you have been entrusted with an invisible, invincible, and incorruptible weapon? Would you use it? Move beyond study and begin to wield the Word of God.

"Girls with Swords is prophetic, biblical, instructive, insightful, and challenging! This is no sweet, girly pep talk. This is powerful stuff for both women and men. We're excited about this book and the potential impact for the church around the globe."
–Judah and Chelsea Smith, Pastors, The City Church, Kirkland, WA

"As you read Girls with Swords, you'll be empowered to face your challenges with boldness and learn to live like a hero."
–Robert and Debbie Morris, Pastors, Gateway Church, Dallas-Ft. Worth

Paperback. 222 pages. Download: Sample Chapter